Diamantopetra Red


Diamantopetra Red wine is a creation combining the distinct features of the Cretan Mandilari grape paired with the global darling Syrah, two major red grape varieties from Crete.

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Cretan Mandilari gives the strength, the tannins and the acidity in the blend while the global darling Syrah stresses the richness and the firmness of the wine.
An intensely delicious wine allowing to enjoy the scents of the Cretan land which remain unchanged throughout the history.

Ruby colour with purple hues. Ripe red fruits dominate on the nose with sour cherry, plum and cherry to steal the show. Violet and freshly ground pepper grains create a rich and complex bouquet. Pronounced rounded tannins, attractive acidity with a pleasant aftertaste leaves you with a lasting feeling of sweet spices in the mouth.

Always served at a temperature of 17-18 oC, can accompany excellent grilled and cooked meats with rich sauces, lamb “andikrista” as well as hard, yellow cheeses including Cretan Graviera.


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