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    Graviera is one of the best-known cheeses of Crete, is produced from fresh milk from sheep grazing freely on the Cretan mountains.

    Graviera is one of three Cretan cheeses with a protected designation of origin (p.d.o.) is a blend of pasteurized sheep's milk with up to 10% goat's milk using traditional production methods.

    The cheese matures for at least three months under appropriate conditions of temperature and humidity.

    Important for the enhancement of flavor and aromas is the maturation time, while it is best eaten at room temperatures.

    Produced in pieces from 1 up to 10 kilos, has yellow color and excellent sweet flavor and rich aromas.
    Graviera is one of the most calcium-rich food.

    Graviera can be eaten as such on the table, added to pasta or fried, in salad or escorting the food.

    Especially in Crete is eaten with honey.