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    Cretan Garden Sun Dried Tomato 120gr

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    Cretan Garden Sun Dried Tomato 120gr

    Product Code: 700-120-1100

     / 120gr

    Sun Dried Tomato in Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    A delicacy made of ripe succulent tomatoes cultivated in Crete, sun dried and brought to you in a glass jar of 120 gr.

    Sun dried tomatoes are ripe tomatoes that lose most of their water content after spending a majority of their drying time in the sun.

    Tomatoes keep their nutritional value and continue being high in lycopene, antioxidants, and vitamin C.

    Sun dried tomatoes may also be preserved in olive oil, along with other ingredients such as rosemary, basil, dried paprika, and garlic.

    Nutritional Values per 100ml
    Energy 593 Kcal
    Protein 2.9 gr
    Total Fat 57.1 gr
    Saturated Fat 8.9 gr
    Mono Unsaturated Fat 43.9 gr
    Poly Unsaturated Fat 4.3 gr
    Cholesterol 0.0 gr
    Carbohydrates 11.9 gr
    Sugar 11.0 gr
    Dietary Fiber 0.9 gr
    Salt 2.3 gr

    Ingredients: Tomato, extra virgin olive oil, thyme, black pepper, white balsamic, salt.

    No Preservatives

    Cretan Garden Sun Dried Tomato 120gr