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    Cretan Garden Sultana Raisins 200gr

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    Cretan Garden Sultana Raisins 200gr

    Product Code: 700-120-1000

     / 200gr

    Tasty, Sultana Raisins in a pack of 200 gr.

    Grown and dried naturally under the summer sun of Crete, Sultana Raisins are carefully picked and packed in light vacuum to ensure best taste. For added natural humidity protection and aroma a bay leaf is added.

    Rich in energy, vitamins, electrolytes, minerals and fiber.

    Dried sultanas and currants have always been crucial both for the Cretan diet and as an exportable product. Their high energy value of raisins makes them more suitable for the winter period.

    Nutritional Values per 100gr
    Energy 299 Kcal
    Protein 3.07 gr
    Total Fat 0.46 gr
    Carbohydrates 79.12 gr
    Dietary Fiber 3.7 gr

    Ingredients: Sultana raisins
    No Preservatives

    Sultana Raisins