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    Box of 12 Prinos Rose

    Cretan Wines

    Box of 12 Prinos Rose

    Product Code: 400-20-PR6-0-12

     / Box of 12 Bottles

    Box of 12 bottles discounted by 8%.

    Prinos Rose is bright red, reminiscent of Pomegranate grains. The aroma reminds of a ripe red fruit, especially cherries, with a hint of rose petals.

    Cool and balanced taste, with elegant tannin, pleasant acidity and long aftertaste.

    Prinos Rose combines the wealth of local Mandilari variety with the power of Syrah

    Served at a temperature of 10-12 °C accompanies traditional Cretan dishes such as snails, cheese pies, salads and pasta with a light tomato sauce.

    Prinos Rose