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    Box of 12 Diamantopetra White

    Cretan Wines

    Box of 12 Diamantopetra White

    Product Code: 400-20-DW6-0-12

     / Box of 12 Bottles

    Box of 12 bottles discounted by 8%.

    The powerful character of Asyrtiko and the uniqueness of Vidiano, two of the most important and most charming Greek white grape varieties created this particular wine.

    Vidiano of Crete offers the aromatic complexity and personality in very harmonious and complementary co-existence with the sharpness and the "steely" structure of Aromas.

    Pale yellow, shiny depicted on glass.

    The elegant aroma with notes of pineapple, Apricot and Chamomile combined intricately with vanilla, nuts and oak.
    Full mouth, oiliness and noticeable acidity, long lasting aftertaste of Apricot and vanilla.

    Served at a temperature of 12-14°C compliments wonderfully rich, smoked cheese, fish and seafood.

    Diamantopetra White